There’s been more written and said about the RoboCop statue than we can keep up with. Bear with us while we try and piece it all together. If you’d like to write or record something new (or if you have one of the many links we’ve missed here), please contact Brandon Walley at or 313-510-8049.

Here’s a very partial list of some of what’s out there:


Reuters: Fans rally to raise money for RoboCop statue in Detroit

WDET Detroit Public Radio: Craig Fahle Show: Radio interview and listener call-in (audio)


TechCrunch: Detroit Needs A Statue of RoboCop! Best Kickstarter Project Yet


The Night Train: Sci-fi fans, rejoice: RoboCop statue coming to Detroit

Detroit News: “>Calling on RoboCop to Help Detroit RoboCop wins: Group raises $50k for Detroit statue

Slash Film: Lessons on Microfunding and Community Development from Robocop

We Like Music Festival: Detroit local news (video)


ABC News: “>RoboCop statue coming to Detroit

Sky News: “>Group Raises $50,000 for RoboCop Statue in Detroit

CBC News: Success! The Internet Buys Detroit a Robocop Statue

Guilty Fabulous: Dear Robocop Haters: There May Be More Important Things to Fund, But There Are Better Things to Hate, Too.

Lilith: Hot Topic: “>Why Can’t Detroit Have a RoboCop Statue?

Badass Nerd: “>The Detroit RoboCop statue – the saga continues

Gear Log: Detroit RoboCop statue is GO (Thanks, Internet!)


PSFK Salon: Detroit Residents Raise $$$ For Robocop Statue


Slate: Detroit Needs Robocop

Editor’s Note: There are lots and lots of gaps in the fossil record here. We’re still tracking down and organizing many more articles, videos, etc. Shwoow! Please give us a hand if you’d like.

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